• Sensitivity of Northern Hemispheric continental ice sheets to tropical SST during deglaciation.
  • Rodgers, K., S. Charbit, M. Kageyama, G. Philippon, G. Ramstein, C. Ritz, J. Yin, G. Lohmann, S. Lorenz, M. Khodri

    Geophysical Research Letters 30, doi:10.1029/2003GL018375, 2003.


    A thermomechanical ice sheet model (ISM) is used to investigate the sensitivity of the Laurentide and Fennoscandian ice sheets to tropical sea surface temperature (SST) perturbations during deglaciation. The ISM is driven by surface temperature and precipitation fields from three different atmospheric general circulation models (AGCMs). For each AGCM, the responses in temperature and precipitation over the ice sheets nearly compensate, such that ice sheet mass balance is not strongly sensitive to tropical SST boundary conditions. It was also found that there is significant variation in the response of the ISM to the different AGCM output fields.

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