Lecture: June 17, 2:15 pm

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Lohmann


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Time required for each lecture: 7 h


9) Cryosphere (focus on Sea ice)

Exercises for lecture 10

  1. What will happen if the CO2 content in the atmosphere is doubled? Radiative forcing= 4 Wm-2
  2. What will happen if the factor γ is 1% higher/lower in the long-wave radiation?
  3. Describe the effect if the diffusivity is enhanced by a factor of 2!
  4. The coalbedo of sea ice can vary between 0.3 and 0.4. Describe the effect when varying the value!
  5. Write down the numerical scheme (time stepping etc. from the source code) !
  6. Show the evolution at one specific latitude and discuss it!



Learning outcome:

EBM & Sea ice

Arctic sea ice

Seasonal cycle

Energy balance model: key approximations

Effects of:
  • albedo/coalbedo
  • solar constant
  • ice-albedo

    Numerical scheme



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