• Charles S. Peirce on creative metaphor: A case study of the conveyor belt methaphor in Oceanography.
  • Brüning, R., and Lohmann, G.

    Foundations of Science, 4 (4), 389-403, 1999.

    Special Issue for the International Congress on Discovery and Creativity in Gent, Scientific Discovery and Creativity: Case studies and computational approaches


    With Charles Sanders Peirce's semiotical theory two different kinds of creative metaphorical reasoning in science can be identified. The building of remainder metaphors is especially important for creating new scientific models. We show that the conveyor belt metaphor provides an excellent example for Peirce's theory. The conveyor belt metaphor has recently been invented in order to describe the oceanic transport system. The paradigm of the oceanic conveyor belt strongly influenced the geoscience community and the climate change discussion.

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